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Civilian walkie talkie

Product Name:Civilian walkie talkie


Brief Introduction:

high quality 8 or 22 Channels low noise long talk range 3-5km digital two way radio

Product Details

Prouct features:

1. Fashion and cute; Easy to use, the best gift for children. Small size makes it convenient to carry around, even for smaller hands.
2. They come with 8/22(option) channels as well as back-lit LCD screen, enabling you to communicate over several kilometers free-of –charge(up to 6KM in open areas).
3. Clear and loud. Durable and environtal material very safe for kids, crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level, auto squelch function will mute the background noise can get the crisp sound even in crowded places.
4. LCD backlit display, battery status indicator, Clip on belt holder, Modern compact design.
5. Requires 3 AAA batteries per unit (not included). 3.5 hours continuous, 9 hours standby.
6. Colors: Black, blue, orange, red, yellow.
7. With flashlight. can use at night.

Why need this camouflage walkie talkie?

1.This 2-way walkie talkies can connect each other in remote area or wild field where phone signal is poor and it has the perfect portable size for outdoor adventures. There's even a convenient belt clip to attach your 2-way radio walkie talkie when mobile not in use
2Widely used in outdoor traveling, kindergarten, restaurant, playground, children palace, driving tour, shopping mall, construction site, tour guide walkie talkie etc.
3. Playing hide and seek


(1) Question: If you buy another 2 sent of walkie-talkies, could all four works together

     Answer: Yes, Just put 4 sets on same channel and make sure all 4pcs in same frequency. 

(2) Question: Do they beep when you communicate back and fourth with them?


(3) Question: Do these require a license and can I get a charger?

    Answer: No license needed, this is free license walkie talkie. It work with 3AAA batteries, if you use rechargeable AAA battery, you can use charger, 
                    We can offer charger if you need.

(4) Question: Does it use rechargeable batteries?

     Answer: You can use rechargeable AAA batteries.

Portable camouflage walkie talkie Photos 

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Email: sales@e-style.com.cn
Tel/Wechat: +86-13424404654
Skype: estyle.com.cn

 Camouflage walkie talkie specification

22 channel FRS&GMRS system, Simple and fun to use
38 CTCSS sub-channels
Scanning for an active radio channel
Transmitting and receiving icons
Generous range up to 3km (MAX 6km open field) 
Good sound quality, Adjustable volume level
Ergonomic design for firm grip, and complete with belt clip
LCD backlit display, battery status indicator. 
Built-in mini LED torch
Stay connected to friends and family
Great for supermarkets, shopping centres, festivals and any outdoor activities

What is Packing Information of our portable camouflage walkie talkie? 

Package Includes:
2 x Walkie Talkie (AAA Batteries Not Included) 
1 x User Manual
Item weight: 0.159kg
Item size: 8.6 x 13.97x 6.1cm
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